Friday, 22 January 2016

WWE 2K16 for PC

Wwe 2k16 is a professional fighting game which has been developed by "Yuke's" and "visual concepts" and published by "2k corporations". Last year Wwe 2k15 comes on PC with high graphics and new roster, which is greater than wwe 2k14. In this game there is new roster packs,divas,arenas and new techniques are added.This Game comes on Ps4,Ps3,xbox 360 and also in Xbox One etc.But it not comes for PC. You can play Wwe 2k16 on PC by Using different kind of emulators like XBOX Emulator or PS4 Emulator etc.

Wwe 2k16 has been CONFORMED that it also comes on PC like Wwe 2k15. The features of Wwe 2k16 are give below:

                                 Wwe 2k16 had lot number of new arenas , championship belts , new roster and also new techniques etc.

 New Wrestlers:
                                      (1)  The Lutcha Dragons
                                          (2)   The Deadly Boys
                                          (3)    Kevon Owens
                                          (4)    The New Day
                                          (5)    Kalisto  etc.

Wwe 2k16 have large number of roster pack that have ever been in any game or even made.This game have a large number of new matches like Tag Team Ladder Match , Tag team handicap match , torndo tag team matches and many more which are removed in wwe 2k15.Wwe 2k16 have also a large number of new arenas of RAW , Smackdown , NXT and WRESTLEMANIA 31 etc. It have also new Finishers of Wrestlers Like Rope Spear and Rko in any place.

This Game is not been published Yet , but it is confirmed that it Comes On PC Very Soon..........

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